The SecOps Cloud Platform

SecOps Cloud Platform: A paradigm shift in cybersecurity

The LimaCharlie SecOps Cloud Platform provides organizations with comprehensive enterprise protection that brings together critical cybersecurity capabilities and eliminates integration challenges and security gaps for more effective protection against today’s threats.

The notion of a single cybersecurity company excelling in all aspects of cybersecurity using the same product for every organization simultaneously is no longer viable in today's dynamic landscape.

Simply put, things just aren’t that simple anymore—many operating systems, a wide spectrum of applications, critical SaaS applications, databases, developers, different types of users, etc.

Security teams frequently stitch together security programs between black box solutions and open source software that is costly to maintain and do not natively integrate.

The cybersecurity tools we use need to evolve from the one-size-fits-all silos into a modern toolset designed for today’s cybersecurity professionals.

The SecOps Cloud Platform is a new paradigm effectively generating the same type of transformation IT Cloud Providers have done for IT, but for cybersecurity.

Maxime Lamothe-Brassard

What is the SecOps Cloud Platform?

The SecOps Cloud Platform is a construct for delivering the core components needed to secure and monitor any given organization: things like, deploying endpoint capabilities through a single agent regardless of the technology, alerting and correlating from logs regardless of the source, automating analysis and response regardless of the environment.

The SecOps Cloud Platform is:

  • An environment where many solutions can exist, not as a collection of random tools, but as a series of cybersecurity solutions designed to interoperate in an un-opinionated way, from the ground up; where powerful systems can be put in place at incredible speeds.
  • An environment fundamentally open through APIs, documentation, integrability, affordability; making it a neutral space for all cybersecurity professionals, whether they’re in enterprise, services or vendors to build appropriate solutions.

The SecOps Cloud Platform is not where data goes to die—it’s a fabric, a sandbox ready for you to use, but also ready to disseminate data and insights to other systems as needed in cost-effective ways.

Adopting the SecOps Cloud Platform provides immediate value.

The SecOps Cloud Platform lowers your operational costs and puts you in control. This control and flexibility allows you to adapt to the changing threatscape without having to wait for a third-party to solve your unique problem.

It also provides a mechanism for onboarding existing security stacks into a single plane of visibility, giving you a unified view of all of your data that can also service the needs of IT.


Define and execute automated actions based on telemetry data accelerating incident response, reducing manual effort, and enabling proactive threat hunting and mitigation.


LimaCharlie’s multi-tenant architecture combined with advanced role-based access control allows you to spin up new pre-configured tenants in seconds or make changes to hundreds of Organizations at once using infrastructure as code.


Ingest logs or any file type from any source and run them through our advanced Detection, Automation and Response Engine with one year of telemetry storage included.


LimaCharlie acts as an observability pipeline. It can observe, transform, enrich and anonymize data in-flight and output it to any destination you choose, an approach that can drastically reduce the costs of 3rd party tools.


All telemetry flows through the Detection & Response Engine and gets analyzed at wire speed. Subscribe to open-source and curated rule sets or write your own complex detection logic.


The SecOps Cloud Platform is vendor neutral and unopinionated in how it operates. You can integrate with any number of tools using our fine-grained API permissions, open documentation, and webhooks.

What does it look like today, and what can it look like tomorrow?

Adopting the SecOps Cloud Platform can unfold one-step at a time without disrupting the way you are currently operating, and can provide massive value at each turn.

Although every organization is unique and has nuance in its architecture, most modern organizations, that are operating at scale, will have some version of the architecture shown below.


  • Inefficiency in the data pipeline
  • Many different vendor relationships
  • Vendor lock-in mechanisms
  • Blind spots / lack of visibility into certain products/services
  • Aging out / technological obsolescence
  • Limited flexibility

Enterprise Organizations

Reduce the number of vendors, get the right solutions to your specific needs and easily integrate into your environment for a fraction of the costs.

Managed Security Service Providers

A reliable, scalable way of building multi-tenant services for your customers without vendor lock-in, long contractual commitments, or high costs.

Founders & Product Builders

Prototype new products and bring them to market exponentially faster than before and scale your costs alongside your revenue linearly.

Replace expensive data lakes and reduce the amount of data flowing into 3rd party tools

The cloud continues to evolve and presents one of the most challenging areas for security teams to monitor.

LimaCharlie can collect telemetry from any source, drastically changing the way that data flows into your organization. Bring visibility to diverse platforms and cloud assets. From AWS to GCP to 1Password to GitHub, all your data is stored for one year, in a searchable manner, for the cost of ingestion.

Every piece of telemetry is normalized into an open JSON format and run through the detection, automation and response engine at wire speed. Route telemetry at the event level allowing data routing optimization, data enrichment and transformation.


  • All data is normalized into common format.
  • Remove the need for costly data lakes.
  • Reduce costs by filtering, enriching and transforming data being sent to 3rd party tools.

An easy first step, that brings massive value, is to start porting your cloud data into LimaCharlie which acts as a pass-through that replaces expensive data lakes while enabling data filtering, transformation, and enrichment.

LimaCharlie is also able to gather data from any source enabling you to start bringing visibility into areas that may not currently be monitored.

LimaCharlie enables security engineers to gain control over their posture: full visibility, the ability to build workflows, and integrate with CI/CD pipelines. The stuff companies had to build in-house from scratch are provided on-demand, like lego blocks.
Picture of Jonathan Haas

Jonathan Haas

Lead SecOps, Carta

Visibility across your entire organization

Send all of your data to LimaCharlie and create a unified view into your data. Correlate and detect on across a wide range of assets and telemetry types.


  • Fine-grained API control allows you to provide operational data to those who need it in a secure way.
  • Flexible data routing and transformation capabilities can dramatically lower costs for SIEM and SIEM-like solutions such as Splunk.
  • Ingest telemetry from EDR, audit logs, or any other source, and bring them under a single plane.
  • Alerting and correlating from logs regardless of the source.

With your cloud data flowing into LimaCharlie, the use cases begin to flourish. At this stage, you can start pulling in additional data from disparate sources and increase the visibility into every aspect of your infrastructure.

You can also direct your existing EDR data (VMWare Carbon Black, Crowdstrike, SentinelOne, Windows Defender, etc.) into LimaCharlie and start to reduce your reliance on technologies like SOAR.

LimaCharlie is simply the most flexible, powerful, and cost effective cybersecurity solution on the planet. A triple-whammy of security goodness.
Picture of Chad Morris

Chad Morris

CISSP, RedLegg

A completely different approach to Endpoint, Detection & Response

Complete control of the endpoint with a roundtrip time from detection to response of 100 miliseconds. Create advanced detection logic to suit your unique use case or adopt curated rule sets with the click of a button. Run YARA rules continuously in the background across your entire fleet or monitor Windows Event Logs in real-time.

LimaCharlie’s EDR is a full featured endpoint platform that allows you to run custom scripts, download files, and replace much of the functionality of existing RMM tools.


  • Easily transition from or augment your existing EDR.
  • Widest platform support industry-wide with feature parity across operating systems (with the exception of OS specific capabilities).
  • Automate processes and create custom solutions with full API-access.

As you continue to adopt the SecOps Cloud Platform, you can start leveraging the EDR capabilities, augment your EDR's existing features, and even replace them as their contracts expire. LimaCharlie has the widest platform support industry-wide with feature parity across all major operating systems (with the exception of platform specific functionality).

We can deploy sensors in minutes and adjust licensing on the fly, without having to jump over hurdles. This is a massive advantage over other cybersecurity players out there.
Picture of Glenn Starkman

Glenn Starkman

CEO, Soteria

Service providers can scale operations while keeping customers secure

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers, and Incident Responders can assemble the core stack they need to provide their service in a way that doesn’t require the need to manage any infrastructure. It offers a reliable, scalable way of building services for their customers without vendor lock-ins, long commitments or high costs. Onboarding a new customer, regardless of their existing security stack, is an API call away. This is the future of security operations architectures.


  • True multi-tenancy
  • Fine grained role based access control (RBAC)
  • Quick onboarding with Infrastructure as Code
  • API and CLI access to reduce MTTR
We can automate a significant portion of the tasks needed to operate the platform on a day-to-day basis, in a way that is scalable, repeatable, and self-documenting, using LimaCharlie’s APIs to do the heavy lifting.
Picture of Paul Ihme

Paul Ihme

Managing Principal, Soteria

Build and scale your product ideas easier, faster, and cheaper

Security vendors use the SecOps Cloud Platform as a go-to-market accelerator. Prototype new products and bring them to market exponentially faster, without needing to reinvent existing technologies and components. Like IT Cloud Providers, the SecOps Cloud Platform allows you to linearly scale costs alongside revenue without complex commitments or vendor lock-in.


  • Focus on your core offering
  • Scale with revenue
  • Reduce infrastructure maintenance costs
If I was to build a new cyber security company, I’d build it on top of this.
Picture of Philip Martin

Philip Martin

CSO, Coinbase

This is just the beginning of what is coming.

The SecOps Cloud Platform puts organizations in an excellent position to build a future-proof SOC, service provides to scale, and builders to get to market quicker.

With costs down, infrastructure and tooling simplified, and security teams no longer weighed down by the task of maintaining and integrating dozens of disparate solutions, security teams are finally able to unleash their full potential.

Beyond this, the future is an open road. The SecOps Cloud Platform is a journey, not a destination. The LimaCharlie SecOps Cloud Platform will continue to add capabilities and integrations in the coming months and years. But the real meaning of the SecOps Cloud Platform is that the future of cybersecurity will not be built by any one vendor or group of vendors—but by security teams themselves.

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