LimaCharlie Pricing

Pay only for what you use—and nothing else.

No contracts, capacity planning or price modeling required. Get started now with the fully-featured free tier.

Flexible pricing that works with you

LimaCharlie offers a unique, flexible pay-as-you-go pricing — pay only for the capabilities you need, for as long as you use them. All without requiring long-term contracts, complex licensing, or termination fees.

Our fully-featured free tier includes two sensors.

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Adapt your usage based on your needs without the limitations of long term contracts.

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Save when you commit

Annual and multi-year discounts are available. Talk to our sales team to learn more.


Discounts for scale

Get volume-based discounts helping you improve your savings as your usage increases.

LimaCharlie pricing


  • 1 year full telemetry storage
  • Detect & respond at wirespeed (isolate host from the network, kill a process tree, etc.)
  • Send commands, deploy payloads and collect artifacts
Win, Mac, Linux, Docker$3.00/MO
Chrome, ChromeOS & Edge$0.30/MO

Telemetry Sources

  • Receive data from any source via the LimaCharlie Adapter, including third-party EDRs
  • 1 year full telemetry storage
  • Detect and response on observed telemetry
Telemetry Sources$0.20/GB


  • Control what data you want to send (all telemetry, detections, etc.)
  • Transfer data to any external destination, real-time
  • Customize output data with templates and transforms

To GCSFree
Any External Destination$0.12/GB

Calculate your savings

Estimate your cost of deployment using the LimaCharlie Pricing Calculator. See how much you can save compared to legacy solutions.