Transparent and flexible

At LimaCharlie, we are building a world where people and organizations can realize their full potential without compromising security along the way.

  • The first commit is made to the open-source LimaCharlie project.

  • LimaCharlie is commercialized in order to produce the resources required to pursue the vision.

  • First paying customer.

  • LimaCharlie partners with Lytical Ventures for $500,000 in pre-seed funding.

  • LimaCharlie introduces Infrastructure as Code (IaC) which enables users to quickly create new tenants with complex configurations.

  • The small team at LimaCharlie declines a mid-eight-figure aquisition offer in favor of pursuing the vision.

  • LimaCharlie launches Sleeper Mode which allows orgs to pre-install EDR agents for almost no cost.

  • LimaCharlie launches the Universal Sensor Protocol (USP) which enables telemetry ingestion from any source.

  • LimaCharlie secures $5.45 million in seed funding led by Susa Ventures.

  • LimaCharlie unveils the LimaCharlie Query Language (LCQL): a flexible, intuitive, and interactive way to explore data.

  • LimaCharlie introduces the BinLib: a private repository of binaries observed in an organization.

  • LimaCharlie premieres the The Cybersecurity Defenders Podcast .

  • LimaCharlie hosts the first MSSN CTRL conference for security engineers.

  • LimaCharlie introduces the Endpoint Bus-as-a-Service which allows anybody to leverage the full power of a capable endpoint agent in any way that they wish.

  • LimaCharlie secures $10.2 million in series A funding led by Sands Capital.

Our partners on the journey.

The cybersecurity industry is ripe for change

As security engineers, we know that security is a process, not a feature. The best way to build a security posture is to build it on top of transparent controls and infrastructure which can be observed, tested and enhanced. It is not built on promises from vendors which must be taken at face value.

LimaCharlie enables security practitioners to maintain full control of their operations, while equipping them with the professional-grade tools and infrastructure required to keep the world safe.

We’re delivering the core components of cybersecurity, API-first, in a way that’s accessible, scalable, and transparent.
Maxime Lamothe-Brassard
Headshot - Maxime - Paddleboard

Maxime Lamothe-Brassard

Founder / CEO

As part of the Canadian Intelligence apparatus, Maxime worked in positions ranging from development of cyber defence technologies, Counter Computer Network Exploitation and Counter Intelligence. Maxime led the creation of an advanced cyber security program for the Canadian government and received several Director’s awards for his service.

After leaving the government, Maxime provided direct help to private and public organizations in matters of cyber defence and worked for Crowdstrike, Google and Google X. Maxime left Google X - where he was a founding member of Chronicle Security - in 2018 to found LimaCharlie.

Co-Founder and Creative Technologist

Christopher Luft

Co-Founder / CCO

Christopher is an artist turned computer scientist. A veteran of the early-stage startup environment, he was fundamental in growing a SaaS company to 27 employees and over 10,000 paying customers.

Along with his entrepreneurial work, Christopher has completed creative software projects for the Winter Olympics, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Film Board of Canada and more.

A natural born recruiter, he is also the founder of Startups Care.

Chief Operating Officer

Amrik Randhawa

Chief Operating Officer

Amrik has a long history of working in the SaaS / technology space and has earned his stripes as an entrepreneur. He's been on the founding team of several tech companies and has worked in both public and private businesses.

Extremely organized and capable, Amrik leads operations for LimaCharlie, drawing on his experience in accounting, product, sales, and marketing. In his spare time, Amrik enjoys time outdoors both on the ski hill and on the water in a kayak.

Chief Revenue Officer

Jessica Crytzer

Chief Revenue Officer

Jessica brings over 15 years of extensive experience in the cybersecurity sector, specializing in leading and scaling early-stage GTM (Go-To-Market) teams. As a seasoned revenue leader, she is deeply committed to fortifying both corporate entities and individuals against digital threats. Jessica actively mentors aspiring women in sales through WISE (Women In Sales Everywhere) and contributes her expertise to Mach37, an early-stage cybersecurity accelerator. Previously, she held leadership roles at HyperQube and ThreatSwitch, where she spearheaded teams to success.

Beginning her career within large Enterprise organizations, Jessica has traversed the landscape as both an individual contributor and a strategic leader. However, her true passion lies in fostering growth within entrepreneurial ventures, where she thrives on shaping and executing go-to-market and revenue expansion strategies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jessica finds solace in the outdoors, exploring new destinations, and immersing herself in live music experiences. Committed to making a difference, she dedicates her time to philanthropic causes, serving on the board of Becky's Fund and offering guidance as an advisor for Costumes for Courage.

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